Tapex International is the one of young and innovative companies who import and sell high quality of wines based in Seoul, South Korea. We currently import unique and magnificent wines mainly from 8 different countries. France, Italy, USA, Chile, Portugal, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa etc..

Tapex International’s primary concern is to establish valued commodities in the market so the quality of people’s life can be improved to the next level.
We will strive to become a role-model for the world in this perspective with creativity, productive investment, and innovative marketing.

Tapex International has recognized the great demand of wines in Korea market; furthermore, we have launched a specific brand of wine in various fields such as restaurants, hotels, airport duty-free stores, local retail shops, Hypermarkets and wholesale stores.

Tapex International not only tries to sell the commodities but also strives to create new value in the market by providing highly qualified products and services emphasized on ‘Partnership’ with our consumers
International Sales and Marketing
- Rachel Bo-young Yun : vina27@tapexwine.co.kr, vina27@naver.com / Mobile +82-10-2041-1949
- Jun-Hyung Park : bberet@tapexwine.co.kr, bberet@naver.com / Mobile +82-10-2733-3456